Awful at this...

So I'll be completely honest, I'm awful at keeping my website & Instagram up to date!! I never remember to update my blog entries, and I always feel bothersome to post too many images on Instagram! But I'm committing to being better... is it too late for a New Year's Resolution?? How about an Easter resolution. 

We just got back from a dreamy trip to Maui with my husband's side of the family. I got our kids some of the most adorable swimsuits from Minnow, and I had to take their pictures. So here are only a few (I took WAY too many!):


Burgess Family

When my little family first moved to the Bay Area, these people became dear friends at the very start, and I consider myself to be so lucky to call them friends! Their girls are the sweetest, and Catherine is always asking to have a playdate with their oldest. Their youngest is a little miracle as premie born at 24 weeks, so it was my honor to capture this family and their joy!

Scott Family

Can't help but share these pictures of this beautiful family! Look at how cute the curls are on these girls, and that head of hair on baby boy?! My own babe is pretty much bald, so you can imagine how much I covet that mane...