Guest Appearance...

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking Randilyn & Josh's engagement photos before their May 7th nuptials in San Diego! It was pretty obvious these two were in love!  It's always so fun for the photographer to capture such joy! Loved working with them.  More pictures of the happy couple to follow. 

But now for the photobomb... 

We started the shoot in the streets above Windansea Beach in La Jolla, and you'll never guess who decided to join in on the fun! We were taking pictures on the street across from the beach when a certain gentleman crossed the street and asked if we'd like a picture with him. 

At first, we thought it was pretty random that a stranger would want to be in these engagement, lovey-dovey photos.  Then we realized the stranger was none other than Mitt Romney!! MITT ROMNEY! We all said in unison, "Mitt Romney! Yes please!" We snapped a few photos, while saying things like "We voted for you," "Why aren't you running again?," & "Dump Trump!"

All three of us were in awe that this public figure would cross the street and offer to take a picture with us just because he's a nice guy. Oh and check out Mitt in his polo, board shorts & bare feet!! Too good. Then he shook my couple's hands, said congratulations and rejoined his grandsons on the other side of the street, probably heading back to his fabulous La Jolla home nearby.

Let's just say that he made our day, and I hope Randilyn & Josh choose this picture for their wedding invitation :)

Oh and I found out later that day it was his birthday! Wish I had known, and we could have sung him a rousing and obnoxious birthday song!